Closer to Home Child Care Centre

My name is Juliet Purnell. I am the owner and operator of Closer to Home Child Care Centre and Close II Home Programs. I’m a mother of four fully grown children and a proud grandmother of nine grandchildren.

I have been in the early childhood field for over 25 years. My former places of employment have provided me with wonderful experiences which have launched me to where I am today. I’ve had and continue to have the support of my colleagues along with a great atmosphere that has taught me about dedication and not to settle for anything less than high quality.

I love coming to work every day, and I chose this profession because I strongly believe in early education and the many benefits that it provides for both children and their families.
I believe in the proverb, “It takes a community to raise a child”. Parenting is an ever-evolving lifelong commitment. It is influenced by culture, knowledge, tradition and so much more. It is imperative to have a great support team of family, health professionals, teachers and consultants.

Providing an excellent environment for the growth and development of the children in our care is of the upmost importance. It is a collaboration of children, families and staff working together sharing goals and ideas. We strive to stay current on child care issues, attending seminars, forums and workshops. We are a part of The Raising the Bar in Peel which ensures “best practices” for childcare, and we are very involved in networking with other centres, professionals and organizations.

Working with children has been a spectacular experience. I love their honest reactions, their curiosity and their ever-emerging myriad of skills developed through well planned play based experiences. It is hard to teach a child with paper and pencil the important concepts (math, letters, colours, etc). All these can be easily learned by utilizing everyday routines, and through “hands on” experiences.

To me, a child is a child - no matter their physical or intellectual ability. Children have so much to offer because they are all unique with their own individual personalities. I invite you and your family to come and journey with us as we work together to watch your child(ren) grow into confident, happy, capable individuals who are able to find many ways and solutions to face any challenge in life.